Brendan’s been called many names over the years. He was once a snakeboy. Then he was a gecko. Raised in Los Angeles, he spent much of his childhood in the water — Oceans, rivers, swiming pools and lakes all beckoned to him and he gladly obliged their call by hopping in and floating on.

But the sea wasn’t his only mistress. The sky above calls just as loud and just as often. From an early age he was obsessed with planes and flying. So he hops on planes any chance he can. Even in coach. That’s right, he’s not afraid to fly coach (as long as he’s sitting by a window, that is). And if they happen to be headed towards somewhere warm and tropical with plenty of beaches, all the better.

FUN FACT: Brendan is a proud graduate of Space Camp, where he was assigned the role of Flight Commander for his team’s spaceflight mission. He had to learn how to fly the Space Shuttle in five days.

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