The Gecko is on the GoGo Concourse today!

Check out my guest post on the GoGo Concourse blog today about music— Specifically, the music I like to listen to when I’m on a plane about to take off. It’s sort of an OCD habit that I know until recently wasn’t really legal behavior since most of the time I was listening to music I had brought along with me for the ride. In my defense, though, nary a takeoff was aborted because I had to hear one of my favorite artists pumping into my ear drums as our plane threw itself into the sky. And now that anyone can do it without fear of “I’m not mad, but I’m disappointed in you” looks from the flight crew (boy, did I get a few of those over the years), it’s time to embrace the joy of pressing play when the pilot presses forward on those thrust controls. Share your favorite takeoff tunes either on the GoGo Concourse post, on Twitter or right here, and I’ll collect them all into a great big list of takeoff tunes for everyone.

Oh, and enjoy the little story about my six year-old self’s taste in music while you’re at it. 🙂

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