CONTEST: Celebrate Ten Years of “I Do” in Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver is running a sweepstakes to mark the 10th anniversary of marriage equality in Canada. You don’t need to be hitched or having your own anniversary to win this prize, but the anniversary-themed trip to Vancouver includes plenty of activities to bring out the romantic in you!

I’m a huge fan of this city and wish I had more time to visit. Vancouver has something for pretty much everyone, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling or snowboarding. Stanley Park is huge and beautiful. There’s a great aquarium there, too. And of course Vancouver has plenty of delicious dining options (The Sandbar on Granville Island is a personal favorite). On my last trip I was lucky enough to have a local take me on a driving tour of “all the places I should come back and visit” that took about two hours. Actually visiting all of them will probably take a solid three weeks.

But enough about me. Here are the prize details:

The winner has to take their trip between October 1 & December 31, 2015. Enter by September 30th at

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