Tokyo Narita introduces racetrack-themed wayfinding system to T3

Architects  NIKKEN SEKKEI joined forces with Ryohin Keikaku & PARTY to prove that clever design can completely revitalize a space, even when you’re refitting a low-cost carrier terminal on a tight budget. Using two colors to distinguish departure and arrival traffic, the teams created an elegantly simple way finding system that borrows from the visual imagery of a running track. This genius move was no doubt inspired by the upcoming 2020 Olympic Summer Games, and also… Wall-E?

552fe60ee58ecead0b000049_narita-international-airport-terminal-3-nikken-sekkei-ryohin-keikaku-party_150326_0000-1000x666 bnl4

That’s right, this clever little design also shows up in the Pixar robot love story on board the Axiom super cruiser as the ship’s “transit guidance system” for passengers and robots. It’ll be an interesting experiment in human behavior to see if this installation at Narita works as intended. Will we see color-coded tracks show up in more heavily-trafficked environments? How about a fast lane for the power walkers out there?

See more photos from the project (along with some details on the design process) here.

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