Hollywood Blues

The spring forward this year packed a double-whammy of what I can only describe as stationary jet lag thanks to the unfortunate concurrence of turning the clocks forward and the Los Angeles marathon. I say unfortunate because the course goes right past my apartment building, which means we are treated to an unnaturally early wake-up call on the day of the race.

Normally it’s not so bad a deal because hey, there’s something to be said for having thousands of mostly handsome (and occasionally shirtless) men running past my street in nylon shorts. I grab my cup of coffee and cheer them on as they make their way from Dodger Stadium to the sea. And as an added bonus, the street is nice and quiet before and for a short while after everyone has passed through.

Oh, but not this year.

After turning in at the fairly respectable time of 11pm PST, I was shaken awake at 4:15am PDT by the whoops and shouts of several hundred cyclists who had decided to illegally ride the course after all the roads had been shut down. Ear plugs were useless. So was shutting all the bedroom windows. All my husband and I could do was go to the living room, flop down on the couch, and put on the Golden Girls while we attempted to doze a little. And because I’m such a morning person, this became totally impossible once the sunlight began filtering in through the windows.

I’d like to go on the record as saying I meant to do many things with my Sunday: Study Japanese, bake maple bacon scones for my AIDS/LifeCycle donors, do laundry, and countless other mundane weekend chores. None of that happened. I spent the day as one of the walking dead, shambling back and forth from the kitchen for more water while we watched movies and several episodes of Chopped. It felt as if I had flown across the globe without a wink of sleep. Thank god we had ice cream in the freezer.

I managed to spend an hour or so studying subway and rail maps of Fukuoka, which just left me feeling overwhelmed in my cracked-out state. I watched Ramen Girl and recognized about fifteen of the words they said. I activated my new Schwab debit card. These were not my original study tactics, but I suppose it was better than no studying at all, right?

It was a day for tiny victories.

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