Yup, now there’s another one.

It’s almost too much to imagine yet another person arriving in that crowded terminal of the internet where all the travel bloggers hang out, and yet here I am. I’ve settled into my black Eames chair in one of the rows by gate 42 with my laptop, now all I need to do is figure out where I’m going.

The boarding pass is blank… for now. It won’t stay that way for long, though.So perhaps instead of wondering where I’m going, I should share where I’m coming from. I’m The Flying Gecko, born and raised in Los Angeles, a city shaped and cultivated as much by the aviation industry as entertainment. I was airborne at least once a year starting around age 3, and even then I loved being on a plane. I vividly remember my first trip on a 747 at age 8; Climbing up the staircase, hopping on the lounge seats and looking around in wonder while my father sidled up to the bar for a scotch and soda. At 15 I went to Space Academy and learned how to fly the Space Shuttle… in a week. The physics classes were brutal. Being selected as flight commander for my team was almost as exciting as flying across the country by myself for the first time. It was one week of pure awesome.

Along the way, I also developed a serious affection for architecture and design. I was fascinated by the way pieces came together to create something grand that could take your breath away. The amount of legos I had as a child… well, it’s a little embarrassing. I was always playing with them, creating, tearing down and creating again. Los Angeles is very much like that, too. And while I didn’t end up an architect, I learn the ins and out of print design. Bringing things together harmoniously turned out to be a fascinating pastime.

One other thing I did a great deal of was write. Admittedly, much of it during my adolescence was terrible, terrible poetry. What can I say? I was a confused gecko back then, more of a turtle to be honest. My skills improved dramatically once I reached high school and college, so I was fortunate to land a job both writing and designing materials for a health care company 2 years after graduation. I’m still there, in fact. The long tenure there has afforded me two things: A healthy Paid Time Off balance and a serious case of the wanderlust. The latter can be a bit of a problem, however, because my husband finds travel stressful. The destinations he loves 99% of the time, with the exception of Las Vegas. No offense Vegas. I love you, I just have to go by myself or with someone else.

But me? My energy level skyrockets the moment I step onto a jetway. I just don’t get to do it as often as I’d like because aside from the pinned to my cubicle part, I really love my job. It’s hard to imagine leaving it. So what this long-winded exposition is really saying is this: I’m not a jet-setter in practice. Oh, but in my heart…

This isn’t going to be your typical travel blog, points blog, or news center. I’ll cover bits of each to be sure, but this is going to be more about the stories of where we want to go, why we want to go there, how we’re going to do it, and what we find when we reach the arrivals hall. There are enough people out there already talking about how to “play the game,” so why copy them? You know how and where to find them already. Let’s just go on a few journeys together. And if we learn a few new tricks, that’ll be pretty cool.

So that’s it. That’s me. Just a wanderlusty gecko making the most of those opportunities to take to the sky and pause in wonder. Let’s fly.

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